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24V 20A Under Bonnet LiFePO4 Battery Charger Low Voltage

24V 20A Under Bonnet LiFePO4 Battery Charger Low Voltage

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The REDARC LFP2420-LV battery charger is a 24 Volt 20 Amp, three stage DC DC charger that operates from a vehicle input between 9 and 32 Volts DC. It is designed to charge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries to their optimal level with chemistry specific battery charging algorithms and features lower voltage setting so it can operate with variable voltage alternators.

The LFP2420-LV features a three stage charging algorithm with a 24V charging output, the DC to DC charger is perfectly suited to trucking applications such as charging battery banks for tailgate lifters, sleeper cabin air conditioners and side curtains, and is fully sealed to survive harsh environments and high temperatures.

The LFP2420-LV features a MPPT Solar Regulator, which means 12V solar panels can be used to charge your 24V auxiliary batteries. The MPPT Solar charging algorithm extracts the maximum available power from your solar panels at any given time.


  • Three Stage DC to DC Battery Charger
  • MPPT Solar Regulator
  • Start Battery Isolator
  • Fully sealed
  • No fan for super quiet operation
  • Charges Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries
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