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Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Brake Controller

Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Brake Controller

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Tow without limits with the Tow-Pro Elite. Smooth and confident trailer braking on all terrain and in all conditions. The Tow-Pro Elite sets the benchmark in trailer brake control and remains Australia's favourite and most trusted brake controller.

Safe Towing in all Conditions

Tow-Pro Elite is the only trailer brake controller with two modes - automatic/proportional for highway driving and gravel roads and user-controlled mode for off-road control. Tow-Pro Elite gives you the best of both worlds with smooth braking for the road and accurate control for the sand, mud and dirt. With a Tow-Pro Elite on-board, you can tow where others can't.

Say NO to Trailer Sway

Avoid the dangers of caravan sway with the Tow-Pro's manual override function. With the push of a button, the driver or passenger can apply the caravan brakes independently of the vehicle and bring a swaying trailer in line.

Hidden Installation

The Tow-Pro Elite hides behind your dash, keeping it away from your knees and airbag. Once installed only the Tow-Pro's dial is visible inside the vehicle.

Compatible with all Modern Vechicles

The next-generation Tow-Pro Elite ensures compatibility with all new vehicle technology and also still features Active Calibration, works with Electric and Electric/Hydraulic trailer brakes, supports 12 or 24 volt vehicle systems and ensures an ADR approved installation. It has also been approved by AL-KO for use with their ESC and DSC systems. It also ensures the remote head will fit into thicker and curved dashes found in European vehicles and trucks.

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